Nuheat Signature RTI Driver

We are pleased to announce the initial release of the Nuheat Signature Thermostat driver for RTI.

The driver is officially approved by Nuheat and uses their official API. For further details and information please visit the Nuheat Signature integrations page

This is a Apex optimized driver supporting auto-tagging with 12 thermostats supported and multi-instance if more are needed.

Supports scheduling modes for auto, hold until and permanent. The hold until time can be customized from the driver configuration and uses the Nuheat standard default of 1 hour. The hold until time can also be customized via interface commands to increment/decrement the hold time. Permanent mode sets a system variable which is nicely used for lighting an interface LED or other purposes.

Direct temperature control is available as well as interface functions for increment/decrement from the standard Obsidian Climate templates or your own custom templates.

Group Away mode is supported! Group information is pulled from each thermostat via the API allowing you to define how you want to setup the groups with your customer. Create multiple groups for each thermostat or group them all together for a common Home/Away scenario. Group Mode setting is available for each thermostat and will effect the whole group so there's no need to create multiple interface interactions for each thermostat.

Driver functions for 1 hour without a license so you can evaluate it for current or future projects.

Sample Template of Nuheat Signature interface is included in the package to make it easy to test and understand the command elements.

Licenses can be purchased directly from our driver page and licenses are generated on the fly. We've included a processor name field to make it easy to keep track of what license belongs to what processor for your records!

RTI dealers receive their normal discount for drivers. Contact us for a discount code.

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